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Environmental Commitment

Green tree in a meadow

what we're doing for a healthier planet

Did you know that a plastic bottle thrown in the trash will NEVER biodegrade? Never. It's pretty sobering to imagine that a soda bottle tossed out of a car window today will be no worse for the wear 10,000 years from now. Multiply that by billions and billions of bottles—we'll have plastic mountains all over the world.

At Kleenrite Chemical®, we're doing our part to help make the Earth a cleaner, safer place. That's why we take extra care to ensure that all LeatherPlus® products are packaged in fully recyclable containers, made from 100% post-consumer plastic. This includes the bottle caps and sprayers, which—unlike most spray heads—do not contain any metal parts to prevent recycling. Even our LABEL is completely recyclable!

Not all plastics can be recycled, so be sure to check the cap as well as the bottle when choosing products.


Leave less nothing behind

We choose our ingredients carefully, ensuring that those used to produce The LeatherPlus® Cleaning System are of the highest grade available and rapidly biodegrade. Most chemicals biodegrade naturally, the question is how long it takes for this process to happen and what is the final result. The quicker a chemical takes to break down from bacteria, fungi or other simple organisms, the better for humans, animals and the entire ecosystem, with the ultimate goal of turning into CO2 or H20.


Plastic bottles at a landfill

Quality that doesn't compromise

In addition to their superior cleaning and moisturizing properties, all LeatherPlus® products are extremely gentle on the environment and you. Because Kleenrite Chemical® doesn't use any harsh ingredients or heavy fragrances, our products are user safe and hypoallergenic. No masks, gloves or other special equipment are needed to achieve the spectacular restorative results. So you can breathe easy when you use our products.

Please Recycle.

We can all do a little something to preserve the beauty of our home planet for future generations. So we ask that you please recycle the bottles when you've finished using our products. If you are not sure where or how to recycle, check out or to find a recycle center in your local area. It's a simple thing that can make a big difference. Thanks.

-- Kleenrite Chemical